Creative Alley Pictures started in 2000 as Creative Alley Productions. Formed by Bryce C. Campbell and Christian Keiber, Creative Alley was a company that could allow its founders and other artists to create projects outside of the confines of the “typical” Hollywood routine.  Once deemed the “New Mavericks of Hollywood” by NPR, Campbell and Keiber wanted to find new ways of making films and delivering those films to their audience without the normal Hollywood “price tag” and conventions of the time.


Creative Alley has advised many independent artists and championed their projects outside the Hollywood norm, while allowing its founders to expand their experience within both the Hollywood and independent artist domains. Now, Creative Alley is coming full circle by expanding its current operations to include worldwide distribution and growing into Creative Alley Pictures.


Campbell has spent the last two decades working within the Hollywood system at companies such as Miramax and Open Road Films learning every aspect of marketing and distribution from theatrical releases to internal operations, world wide markets, and ancillary markets so that he may now bring that knowledge home. Learning what works about the system and what does not, Campbell has gained valuable insight, forged strong industry relationships, has kept current on new and emerging technologies, and has kept a mindful eye on the changing attitude of audiences worldwide.


Keiber took Creative Alley bicoastal by opening our branch in New York and establishing strong relationships with active artists in the independent market. He is on the board of the Golden Door Film Festival and is founder of the Brazen Giant Ensemble of artists in New York. Staying connected to the artists, Keiber is able to find the absolute best in independent talent and bring those projects to Creative Alley.


With this combined experience, Creative Alley will forge a new path in the distribution world that allows greater flexibility and opportunity for success for both the company and the artists. Our philosophy is built on cultivating strong relationships with artists and leveraging cost effective distribution strategies while using all the tools at our disposal. We may not be “New Mavericks”, but we are still Mavericks – with more experience and a broader industry network – looking to usher in a new world of art, unfettered by the old norms, to audiences worldwide.

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